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Strain-specific connoisseur grade cannabis concentrates. Created using only in house small-batch premium flower material.

Our line up of signature extracts is produced by and for the true connoisseur. We use the latest volatile and non-volatile solvent extraction tech and equipment to process our quality indoor material into some of California's most unique and potent cannabis products available. 


Heavily concentrated Crystalline THCa a size typically ranging from a grain of salt to an ice cube.


Small granular THCa crystals combined in viscous terpene oils give this extract the look of wet sugar with full flavor and potency.


Little to no moisture and aerated texture this extract crumbles when pressed between the fingers. Crumble is highly malleable and can be easily be added to a joint, blunt or bowl for extra potency and flavor.


Ice water and agitation separate the resin glands from the plant material to create hashish a traditional old world cannabis concentrate. Use of hashish can date back as far as the 10th century. 


Large THCa Crystals floating in full spectrum terpene oil. A first choice for experienced connoisseur ( Also called High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract HTFSE)


Flavorful cannabinoid-rich extract with a smooth creamy consistency. Like most cannabis extracts Budder is named for its observable butter/batter like visual qualities


Translucent sheets of amber to blond color with a tacky hard sap or fragile glass like consistency. The consistency of shatter products like most extracts is based upon the specific cannabinoids being extracted contained in the source material. In shatter THC is more sappy while THCa will crunch like glass.